Outdoor Lighting Has Many Merits

Safety and security are the primary benefits of outdoor lighting.

Safety and security are the two biggest benefits of outdoor lighting.  Consider safety first and foremost.  A well lit outdoor area lacks shadows on paths, steps, and other areas where people could trip or potentially hurt themselves.  No one (guest or thief) will want to come over if they have to navigate a light/dark obstacle course to get to your front … [Read more...]

Lighting Affects People’s Moods!

quoizel lighting

Think about how our moods are often reflective of the weather: when the sun is beaming out of a clear, blue sky, people tend to feel positive and good moods abound. The opposite is also true, and when it’s cloudy and gloomy, people are depressed and apathetic. Indoor lighting or the lack thereof, tends to affect the moods of those indoors in much the same … [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy From Local Decorative Lighting Distributors

Buying from local lighting distributors has several benefits!

Everybody wants an attractive home where they can live, work, and play.  Decorative lighting helps shine a light in your home, brightening its aesthetics and making it luminous.  With that said, should you buy from a local lighting distributor? At Quoizel, we recommend purchasing your lighting from a local distributor for several reasons.  The first … [Read more...]

Creating the Best Bathroom Lighting

If there is no option for sidemouting lighting, then mount lighting above the mirror.

Creating lighting for a bathroom is different from that of any other room.  Your goal is to have light that shines out and up the walls, as opposed to down from the ceilings, and ultimately to minimize that shadows cast on your face, surrounding it instead with light. Sadly, when it often comes to interior lighting, the bathroom is commonly given less attention … [Read more...]

Shedding Light on Outdoor Lanterns

Remember: the height of a lantern should be based on the height of the door.

From establishing ambiance and style for a home, to providing entrance lighting and security, outdoor lighting is always beneficial to any home.  The biggest issue with establishing outdoor lighting in a home is figuring out the appropriate height for your lantern. The height that an outdoor lantern is mounted should be based on the height of its door. For … [Read more...]