Increase Comfort by Changing Your Home’s Lighting as You Age

Quoizel home lighting

Is it getting harder for your eyes to focus on the television or magazine at night? People's eyes start to change around 45, and you may be causing your eyes to strain by not having the proper lighting in your home. The American Lighting Association (ALA) supports changing the lighting in your home to increase comfort and reading ability. When people turn … [Read more...]

What Type of Lighting Fixtures Will You Choose?

Quoizel Home Lighting

We recently discussed the different types of home lighting, but there are many types of fixtures that we offer in general, task, and accent lighting. Here are the main categories of our lighting fixtures: Hall/Foyer Fixtures: This type of fixture will provide you with the general lighting that is needed for hallways, entranceways, and stairways. The fixtures … [Read more...]

Quoizel’s Business Longevity Honored at Annual ARTS Conference

2011 ARTS Awards

Quoizel recently attended the 22nd annual ARTS Conference 2011 at Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California. ART stands for Accessories Resource Team and is a trade group of industry professionals in home furnishings. Members of ART are manufacturers, retailers, sales representatives, among other professionals. Quoizel is a member of ART and enjoys attending … [Read more...]

Kitchen Lighting Striking the Balance Between Function & Comfort


If you are looking for a fresh look in your kitchen, start with the lighting! The kitchen serves as a food preparation area, but is also the new gathering place for family and friends. Whatever your lighting choice, the balance needs to be met between functionality and comfort. Most kitchens today only have general lighting, but there are additional lighting … [Read more...]

Guide to Lighting Terms for Your Next Home Lighting Plan

Quoizel home lighting

If you are looking for a new home lighting plan for your recent home improvement project or new-build, it is helpful to know the proper lighting terms used by interior designers and lighting specialists. Here are the main lighting terms: General lighting This is the overall, main lighting in a room. Florescent lights can fill up large areas well, but the … [Read more...]