Quoizel’s Pre-Buy Event


Quoizel will host 22 customers to Quoizel's Pre-Buy, an event that spans over a 3-week period. It's a unique opportunity for customers to view, critique and order merchandise that will be presented in January at our Dallas market.  This helps us determine what items we might need to order more or less of.  When speaking to management, China's New Year falls … [Read more...]

Countdown ~ 37 Days Until Quoizel’s Factory Authorized Sale

quoizel sc building

There are only 37 days until the sale everyone has been waiting for ~ Quoizel's Factory Authorized Sale is back at our Goose Creek, SC warehouse!! New products will be available each day and thousands of Quoizel's items to choose from.  6 Corporate Parkway, Goose Creek, SC November 4th & 5th ~ 8:00am - 4:00pm November 6th ~ 10:00am - 4:00pm Bring … [Read more...]

The Importance of Focused Lighting

Stonehedge Island Fixture ~ GE351SE

Providing sufficient lighting inside your home is much more than adding a few lamps. The difference between a house and a home is the attention to detail that you put into each aspect of the home’s design. When it comes to lighting, keep the same perspective in mind. To show you the importance of focused lighting, we have tackled the challenging project of … [Read more...]

Ugliest Lighting Contest

Ugliest Bathroom Fixture

Leveraging the popularity of the recent ugliest dog competition, Quoizel and Build.com collaborated to find America's ugliest lighting fixture.  Over the course of several weeks, voters cast their votes via Facebook in three contests: Ugliest Bathroom Fixture, Ugliest Outdoor Fixture, and Ugliest Indoor Fixture.   The winner of each contest was accompanied … [Read more...]

Increasing Productivity & Saving Money

Rick Seidman, CEO of Quoizel & Eddie Plowden, Marketing Manager of BEC

Eddie Plowden, Marketing Manager at Berkeley Electric Cooperative, recently met with Rick Seidman, CEO of Quoizel Lighting, to present a rebate check for $43,000 resulting from changes that Quoizel made as part of BEC's Commercial & Industrial Lighting Program. Quoizel has upgraded the warehouse lighting to take advantage of more energy efficient … [Read more...]