Where did the name Quoizel come from?


In 1930, Quoizel’s founder, Michael Chaikin began making table lamps at a shop in Manhattan.  Mr. Chaikin's friend was an astrologer, and when trying to choose a name for his company, he went to him for advice.  They wanted a name that would mean good fortune and good wealth, and the sun, moon and stars pointed to Quoizel. Quoizel is pronounced “Kwoy-zell," … [Read more...]

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If you haven’t "liked" the Quoizel Lighting Facebook yet, what are you waiting for?  Our Facebook page is a convenient place to find all of our updates – from blog posts to exclusive news about our projects, tips and much more! Plus, when you "like" our page, you’ll also be able to receive our updates in your newsfeed, which makes keeping up with us even … [Read more...]

Lighting for Kitchen Islands


Beautiful kitchen lighting is a perfect way to highlight your custom marble or granite island.  There are numerous styles of island lighting that will blend in with your current kitchen decor and appliances. Today's kitchen island is more advanced and modern than the traditional ones of the past.  It may have a built-in refrigeration unit as well as a working … [Read more...]

Chandeliers in Unexpected Places


A hot new design trend we’ve seen popping up all over is to put chandeliers in places where you would not expect to see one, like bathrooms, bedrooms and even walk-in closets.  While chandeliers are normally found in the foyer or dining room area, they are now showing up in unexpected places, adding whimsy, sparkle and even a touch of drama to any room in … [Read more...]

We’re a Member of the American Lighting Association


Here at Quoizel, we are a proud member of the American Lighting Association (ALA) headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  ALA is the trade organization representing the residential lighting industry serving members in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Its membership includes lighting manufacturers, retail showrooms, sales representatives and lighting … [Read more...]