Birdcage Inspired Lighting Fixtures

These beautiful Laila birdcage style lighting fixtures make any room instantly whimsical. A thin wire frame keeps this fixture looking delicate and feminine, while the antique brown finish adds a rustic, elegant touch.

  • These timeless lighting fixtures are pieces that you’ll love for a lifetime for their classic and versatile beauty.

  • However, it is truly the details that bring this fixture to fruition. The candlestick bulb adds to the grace of this piece. The detail put into the intricate bends of the wire create its beautiful design making it look like something that has come to life from a fairytale book.

  • With different styles, ranging from chandeliers that have two, four, or six bulbs, these Laila light fixtures can accommodate any space and are bound to be what people notice first when they enter the room.

Well-designed and pleasing to the eye, you and yours will love your Quoizel Laila fixture and what it does to your room. Visit to view our latest catalog or locate a store near you.