Update on Intern/Designer Marie-Catherine


Back in August of 2012, we blogged about  Marie-Catherine  (Introducing Intern/Designer) referring to Quoizel's summer intern. Currently, Marie-Catherine is back at Purdue University in Indiana studying Industrial Design.  It is not a usual occurrence for an intern to design a collection for Quoizel's most popular market, however, Marie-Catherine is … [Read more...]

Tips for Lighting Artwork in your Home


Using artwork in your home is a great way to introduce a personal and unique element in your interior design. Because a good piece of art is so unique to your home, you’ll want to emphasize its placement within a particular room. The best way that you can do this is by lighting up that art. Not sure how? We've got a few tips and ideas for you! For work … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips for Lighting a Nursery


Planning the baby's nursery is a huge undertaking!  From the crib to paint colors, getting this space just right for your little one is a priority. Although lighting might not be the first thing you think about when planning your nursery, it is probably one of the most important. The nursery needs to be a comfortable place for your baby to sleep while still … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Bedside Lamp


The master bedroom is a crucial but often overlooked space in the home. After a long day, this is where you should be able to relax, unwind and recuperate. For some people, this may include curling up with your Kindle or playing a game on your iPad.  The light from these devices are never enough, and so that's where your bedside lamp comes in. A bedside lamp … [Read more...]

You’re Very Welcome!!

your welcome

When a customer takes the time to write such a nice letter, the least we can do is post it!  We are thrilled to hear a customer enjoyed our Factory Authorized Sale, and that they were happy with the service they were provided.  Customer Letter At Quoizel we continue to work hard so that every customer enjoys this same experience.   … [Read more...]