Spotlight on Carolyn Kinder Creations!


For over two decades, Carolyn Kinder has been designing and developing innovative collections for the home furnishings industry.  Carolyn has an established reputation that has become synonymous with class and timeless design.  What could be better than partnering with Quoizel who has created timeless designs since 1930. Quoizel introduced 32 styles from Carolyn … [Read more...]

Update on Quoizel’s Very Successful Wellness Program!!


As promised we are keeping tabs on Quoizel's very successful Wellness Program.   The holidays are behind us, and Spring is finally here, encouraging everyone from Charleston to New York to  exercise, eat healthy and feel better about themselves! A new trainer, Becky Kyryliuk is in town, and she is very enthusiastic about taking the program to its next … [Read more...]

How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

light bulb ice cream photo

Although this may seem like a joke, changing a light bulb isn't so simple these days!!  With so many choices, choosing the right light bulb has become a complicated task. First things first when heading to your local hardware store is to make a list of the light bulbs that you need and the area you want to light.  Is this for an outdoor lantern, reading … [Read more...]

Another Win for the “Prez”

Rick Kayak41613

This weekend, Rick Seidman, President & CEO of Quoizel, took first place at the Charleston Patriot Challenge which invited all classes of kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards. For the the past two years, Rick has won the Men's Under 50 Fast Kayak Division in the 3-mile challenge.  This year he entered the 6-mile challenge and again took 1st place … [Read more...]

New Bath, Outdoor, Designer & Family Vignette Displays!

QD586D1-2nd Side

The following are a few of the new display options available from Quoizel.  These displays maximize the real estate in your showroom and allow you to effectively merchandise best-selling product.   Whether you are creating a family vignette or taking advantage of the clean layout of the new bath and outdoor displays, customers like to buy when shopping … [Read more...]