It’s Throwback Thursday!

This is our first blog on Throwback Thursday where we will share photos of “old” Quoizel products, catalogs from years past and nostalgic photos of  our loyal employees.

What better place to start than with the Abigail Adams Collection.  Quoizel got its start in 1930, and the hurricane lamp is what put Quoizel on the map!

abigail2This Abigail Adams piece features a hand-blown opal glass shade with a lighted base.  It is embellished with a soft blue floral pattern, and the intricate metal base is finished in an antique brass patina.  This is an heirloom piece to be passed down for generations.

In the heyday there were twelve manufacturers in New York that sold the same hurricane style lamp, and they were all buying from the same supplier.  Ira Phillips would visit the manufacturer in West Virginia every month always bringing his charming personality and, of course, donuts to distribute to all the workers. Eventually, the other manufacturers went out of business and Quoizel picked up their market share to become the leader of this style hurricane lamp. It was so successful; Quoizel launched the design in ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc.  Today, Quoizel still makes this timeless design in Abigail Adams and Satin Lace which can be found in the current catalog.

Maybe you have a Quoizel lamp or hanging fixture that was handed down to you, bought from an estate sale or an interesting story on how you acquired one of your favorite lamps.  If so, please contact   We would love to share and post it!