Quoizel Customer Service Appreciation!

It’s always nice to feel appreciated!

We received this hand-written note from a consumer after they had a wonderful experience working with Priscilla in our Customer Service Department. Quoizel is proud to have such great customer service representatives and appreciate that a consumer would take time out of their busy schedule to write and mail such a kind note.

Thank you Priscilla and the entire Customer Service Department for all the great work that they do!


No Soup for You!

Quoizel and the “Soup Nazi” create a unique dining experience!

Actor Larry Thomas, the “Soup Nazi” on TV’s “Seinfeld,” came to the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY to promote the opening of The Original Soupman’s Delicatessen & Grill on Saturday, March 21, 2015.

One of New York’s largest specialty lighting stores, Flushing Lighting supplied this new establishment with Quoizel’s Cody pendants. These contemporary metal-shaded fixtures are an elegant nod to the past and not only give light where it is needed, but the look is perfect for this unique eatery. The clear ribbed glass diffuser adds a nostalgic flair to this space.  Shown here in brushed nickel, it is also available in mystic copper.


Welcome Shannon!

Quoizel would like to welcome the newest member of their sales team. Shannon Ellis will be serving the Canada and Buffalo, NY territories previously covered by Victor Crage who recently retired after 40 years.

Shannon started her own sales agency in 2010 but has worked in the lighting industry for the past twelve years.  Growing up in a military family loyalty, duty, respect and selfless service are some characteristics instilled in Shannon.  Quoizel is thrilled she will be supporting their line.


40 Year Veteran Retires from Quoizel!

Quoizel says “Thank You” to Victor Crage for his many years of service where he was honored at a retirement party in Dallas.  He was a sales representative for Quoizel for 40 years servicing the Eastern Canada and upstate NY territories.

Victor who not only was the recipient of the prestigious Salesman of the Year award but also the 2007 Top Tab Seller, 2012 Top Market Salesperson, and he hit the 2 Million Dollar Club many times.

In honor of appreciation Vic received a beautiful watch and now is looking forward to spending time with his wife Terry, his four children, 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  While he no doubt will be on the tennis court, traveling and sipping his favorite wine, a bistro opening might also be in Victor’s future.


Congrats to Brian Slater!

Congratulations to Quoizel’s own Brian Slater!!  He was recently awarded Sales Representative for the East/Atlantic Territory at this year’s prestigious ARTS awards in Dallas, TX.

Brian who has worked for Quoizel for the past six years was thrilled to accept this award and take the podium while family, friends and colleagues looked on.

Brian, who was the youngest sales professional to receive Quoizel’s Salesman of the Year award in 2010, continues to shine bright and earn respect amongst his peers in the lighting industry.