Tips for Lighting Artwork in your Home

Using artwork in your home is a great way to introduce a personal and unique element in your interior design. Because a good piece of art is so unique to your home, you’ll want to emphasize its placement within a particular room. The best way that you can do this is by lighting up that art. Not sure how? We’ve got a few tips and ideas for you!

  • For work such as photography, prints, pastels and watercolors, use UV-blocking glass to frame it. This will prevent the pigments from fading over time.  Avoid using fluorescent lights, which contain UV rays.


Helpful Tips for Lighting a Nursery

Planning the baby’s nursery is a huge undertaking!  From the crib to paint colors, getting this space just right for your little one is a priority.

Although lighting might not be the first thing you think about when planning your nursery, it is probably one of the most important.

The nursery needs to be a comfortable place for your baby to sleep while still having enough light to allow you to safely navigate the room. These tips should help you with the lighting layout of your nursery:

  • You’ll want lamps, or even better, sconces in areas where you need a lot of light, such as the feeding area or the changing table. These won’t light up the entire room, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing the baby’s sleep. 
  • You’ll want subdued lighting to allow you to see where you are going while still keeping the room dim. Using dimmer switches rather than plug-in night lights is a great alternative.
  • Your baby won’t be asleep all the time, which means you’ll want some ambient lighting that lights up the whole room. This might include a flush, semi-flush fixture or chandelier. Nurseries have become much more sophisticated, and it is not unusual to see a beautiful chandelier bringing the entire nursery together. 

It’s important to also remember to light up the path to the nursery since there will be several trips to and from your bedroom at all different times of the evening.


Choosing the Right Bedside Lamp

The master bedroom is a crucial but often overlooked space in the home. After a long day, this is where you should be able to relax, unwind and recuperate. For some people, this may include curling up with your Kindle or playing a game on your iPad.  The light from these devices are never enough, and so that’s where your bedside lamp comes in.

A bedside lamp adds style and elegance to your home.  It gives you direct light while not being too intrusive as you’re trying to prepare for a good night’s sleep.


Smart Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Light Fixtures

It’s that time of year!!  Along with dieting, exercising and taking down holiday decorations, everyone likes to start off the new year with a clean slate.  What better way to clean that slate, than helpful tips for cleaning your home’s light fixtures. 

Avoid the harsh cleaners
Resist the urge to use brass or other abrasive cleaners as they could mar the finish that keeps the fixture looking its best. 

Clean your Light Bulbs
Dust, aerosol sprays and airborne cooking oils dim both your home’s ambiance and your fixture’s ability to put out all the wattage you are paying for.  To clean a light bulb, wait until the light bulb is cool and wipe it down with a lint free cloth.  A good rule of thumb is to clean the light bulb or fixture at least once a month.


Tiffany Lights ~ Light up a Little Vintage Style in Your Home

Tiffany lamps have several different benefits.  Because they are handmade stained glass art, and no two are exactly alike, they become family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. 

They also have the ability to instantly transform the decor of any room since the light that shines through the many different colors of the stained glass is diffused in all directions making tiffany lighting so timeless and versatile.

Tiffany light fixtures have been around since the late 1800s and their popularity continues to grow.  When turned on, the lamp emits a soft colored glow that adds a splash of warm color to any room.  For this reason you will find replica tiffany fixtures in establishments where the light from the tiffany makes the customer feel warm and cozy.  You can create the same atmosphere in your own home with one of Quoizel’s tiffany style fixtures.