Add a Little Sparkle to Your Holidays!

Something beautiful, shiny and crystal?  No, it’s not the glistening snow on a winter’s day, it’s Quoizel’s Optic Glass lamp.  It’s bold, beautiful and one of a kind and would make a great gift for you or someone special this holiday season!

With its beautiful shiny chrome and glass body, sturdily settled on a stacked base, it’s the eye-catching “crystal” ball that draws you in.  Like a giant diamond, this part of the base is beautifully accentuated by the clean and simple white shade.


Quoizel Named One of 2012 Best Fall Mirrors by Enlightenment Magazine

Enlightenment Magazine named Quoizel’s Jasper Mirror one of the Top 10 Mirrors for Fall.

The perfect addition to any contemporary home, here’s what Enlightenment Magazine had to say about the Jasper mirror:

Quoizel Jasper Mirror: A whimsical look for the modern or contemporary bath, the Jasper mirror features curved lines and an unconventional style. It measures 32” high x 24.5” wide.”

This timeless piece works as both a necessity as well as a statement of art. With its unique shape and classic style, you will cherish this mirror for years to come.


What classic movies teach us about lighting

Is there anything more glamorous and timeless than a classic movie on the silver screen? We still go to the movies or watch them at home, but remember when a Saturday night meant getting dressed up and going to theatre with curtains across the screen? The sheers would be mechanically drawn and viola!–stars, sets, and stunning scenes. There seemed to be nobody more handsome than Cary Grant or Steve McQueen, nobody more beautiful than Marilyn or Audrey. And the sets! “Casablanca” transported us, while “Auntie Mame” made us want to re-decorate every six months. Those were the days—and you can have that glamour again if you follow these tips for lighting.


Recognizing Different Types of Lighting

There’s a lot more to lighting a room than just making sure you can see where you’re going and don’t stub your toe on a table. If a room is lit well and lit correctly, the mood of an entire room can be changed. Depending on what sort of environment you want to establish, there are specific methods for drawing out that kind of feeling in a room.

Knowing what types of lighting are used for different situations and moods is critical to having your home or space feel just right for you. For whatever purpose you have for a space in your building, there are four kinds of lighting for you to consider when illuminating a room:


Guide to Lighting Terms for Your Next Home Lighting Plan

If you are looking for a new home lighting plan for your recent home improvement project or new-build, it is helpful to know the proper lighting terms used by interior designers and lighting specialists. Here are the main lighting terms:

  • General lighting
    This is the overall, main lighting in a room. Florescent lights can fill up large areas well, but the white light makes the room look bland. Many homeowners are now using halogen lights that can be dimmed to give a more flattering glow to the room.
  • Accent lighting
    This type of lighting is used to draw attention to special artwork, collection, among other displays. Accent lighting, such as a spotlight create shadows of overlapping light.
  • Decorative lighting
    This is lighting that is use strictly for decorative purposes. Examples of decorative lighting include chandeliers, silk lanterns, or a wrought candle stand. These lighting objects do not put off that much light, but add to the decorative elements of the room
  • Task lighting
    This is lighting that is intended to help you fulfill a certain tasks whether it is reading, working, or sewing. An example of task lighting is a desk lamp that can be positioned for the best lighting. Task lighting is also beneficial in the kitchen to prevent accidents.