What classic movies teach us about lighting


Is there anything more glamorous and timeless than a classic movie on the silver screen? We still go to the movies or watch them at home, but remember when a Saturday night meant getting dressed up and going to theatre with curtains across the screen? The sheers would be mechanically drawn and viola!--stars, sets, and stunning scenes. There seemed to be nobody … [Read more...]

Recognizing Different Types of Lighting


There's a lot more to lighting a room than just making sure you can see where you're going and don't stub your toe on a table. If a room is lit well and lit correctly, the mood of an entire room can be changed. Depending on what sort of environment you want to establish, there are specific methods for drawing out that kind of feeling in a room. Knowing what … [Read more...]

Guide to Lighting Terms for Your Next Home Lighting Plan

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If you are looking for a new home lighting plan for your recent home improvement project or new-build, it is helpful to know the proper lighting terms used by interior designers and lighting specialists. Here are the main lighting terms: General lighting This is the overall, main lighting in a room. Florescent lights can fill up large areas well, but the … [Read more...]

Bring Sunshine Indoors With Mirrors, Cool Tones, & Light Fabrics

Quoizel Home Lighting

For many home designers, the constant request of clients is to add more light into their home. The reasoning behind this request is that the more natural sunlight enters a room, the more people will want to interact in the room. Mood levels also tend to be more positive when there is light in a room. HGTV's Genevieve Gorder, Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of … [Read more...]