Rave Reviews for Coastal Armour by Quoizel

At this year’s January 2014 Market, rave reviews were given to the newly introduced Stonington Collection, Coastal Armour by Quoizel.   With the introduction of Coastal Armour, Quoizel’s renowned outdoor lighting has gotten even better! Coastal Armour promises to be significantly more durable, less prone to fading and features finer details.

With a core-strengthening ingredient of natural quarry stone crushed to a fine powder and then mixed with a powerful blend of latex and adhesives, Coastal Armour by Quoizel creates the next generation of products by using a material of extraordinary strength, durability and beauty.  This extraordinary new weather-resistant outdoor material has been tested to withstand extreme heat and brutal cold; it is non-corrosive (acid and alkali-resistant) and UV resistant.  They are so confident that Coastal Armour by Quoizel will sustain all types of weather, that they are offering a 5-year warranty on it.


Quoizel’s Outdoor Lighting Shines in the Bergen Record!

The Record Home 2014 Spring Edition which was circulated on March 20th featured Quoizel’s outdoor lighting!

The very popular Byron and Steadman Collections which were both introduced at last year’s January market, were highlighted in this edition.  Carol Dasilva, manager at Paramus Lighting, is quoted as saying “the hottest trend today in outdoor fixtures pays homage to a bygone era”.  For the past two years, lighting companies have been featuring “vintage” bulbs in chandeliers and pendant lighting.  Dasilva explained “what customers like about the bulb is the look of the filament, which has a warm, soft glow and enhances whatever fixture it is in”.   Quoizel’s own Bobbie Pearsall is also quoted as saying “In the last year, lighting fixtures with this nostalgic look have been revitalized”.


Unofficial Start of Summer = Let’s Entertain!!

Outdoor and landscape lighting go a long way towards crafting the perfect atmosphere of a lively and inviting party.  Now that the unofficial start of summer is here, what better way to captivate friends and family with tasteful adornments and classy lighting techniques.

With the upcoming holiday, it’s a good time to evaluate your outdoor lighting.  It’s important that your guests can see the pathway that leads up to your front door and your outdoor area.  With Quoizel’s wide variety of outdoor lighting, you will find something that will not only be a good investment for safety but also add value to your home.


Outdoor Lighting Has Many Merits

Safety and security are the two biggest benefits of outdoor lighting.  Consider safety first and foremost.  A well lit outdoor area lacks shadows on paths, steps, and other areas where people could trip or potentially hurt themselves.  No one (guest or thief) will want to come over if they have to navigate a light/dark obstacle course to get to your front door.

Consider lighting from the ground up or from the sides out.  Be careful with lighting from above.  Remember: the goal is to reduce the amount of shadows and darkness.  This won’t prevent clumsiness, but having less darkness equals more safety.


Shedding Light on Outdoor Lanterns

From establishing ambiance and style for a home, to providing entrance lighting and security, outdoor lighting is always beneficial to any home.  The biggest issue with establishing outdoor lighting in a home is figuring out the appropriate height for your lantern.

The height that an outdoor lantern is mounted should be based on the height of its door.

For 1 Lantern:  on a single side of your doorway, the lantern should be about 1/3 the height of the door from top to bottom.  On average, the center of the lantern’s bulb should rest about 66″ above the threshold of the door.