Enlightenment Magazine Features Quoizel, Bryan Ehrlich

Quoizel’s Bryan Ehrlich was recently mentioned in Enlightenment Magazine where his territory for the State of New Jersey and parts of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania were recently expanded to include New York City and Long Island. 

Enlightenment Magazine notes that:

Ehrlich has been with Goose Creek, S.C.-based Quoizel for 10+ years, starting as the national director of Tour de Tiffany from 1999-2001, awarded Rookie of the Year in 2001, and has been a three-time Presidents Club Winner during his tenure with Quoizel.


LED Lighting — Most Popular Bath Product

A survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) reports the popularity of LED lighting in baths:

LED lighting is popular in bathrooms because it provides clear light without wasting too much energy.  It produces less heat than the traditional bulb while casting fewer shadows. To accommodate this popular trend, Quoizel introduced an exciting new line for 2012 the Forme Collection which comes in various shapes and an LED nightlight that works with your existing on/off switch.

  •  Curves. Forme Curves. A sleek bath collection for today’s latest bathroom designs.  The opal etched glass adds depth and texture.  The glossy polished chrome finish completes the posh style.
Angles Forme Angles


Why Tiffany glass feels/sounds like plastic even though it’s glass

There are few pieces of lighting as iconic as Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass creations. The intricate details of every hand-crafted glass shade tell a story all its own.  However, have you ever tapped on a Tiffany-style lamp and wondered why it feels and sounds like plastic?

Louis Comfort Tiffany developed a process of snugly wrapping each piece of stained glass in a thin piece of paper that is covered in copper foil. “Because of this tight wrapping of the glass, there is no room for the glass to resonate and have the glass sound and feel like you expect to get when tapping on the surface,” says Ronda Young of Youngworks. “Normally, glass like in windows and in glassware is free to resonate with vibrations caused from tapping on it, but in the case of the stained glass copper foil technique, this is lost and a dull thump is often all we hear.”


Michael Van Derlofske — ALA, Young Exec.

Quoizel’s, Director of Online Retail Sales, Michael Van Derlofske was featured in an Enlightenment Magazine article on the American Lighting Association‘s Young Executives under 40 Group. Michael, who started with Quoizel in 2001, is quoted as saying:

“As the Director of Online Retail Sales for Quoizel Lighting, I appreciate platform the ‘YE’ provides.  It offers an opportunity to casually meet with younger, talented counterparts. Today’s consumers shop with no boundaries, forcing our industry to meet new consumer expectations. Most solutions will generate from the younger generation with the guidance and experience of our lighting veterans.”
― Michael Van Derlofske
Quoizel, CA