Shedding Light on Outdoor Lanterns

Remember: the height of a lantern should be based on the height of the door.

From establishing ambiance and style for a home, to providing entrance lighting and security, outdoor lighting is always beneficial to any home.  The biggest issue with establishing outdoor lighting in a home is figuring out the appropriate height for your lantern.

The height that an outdoor lantern is mounted should be based on the height of its door.

For 1 Lantern:  on a single side of your doorway, the lantern should be about 1/3 the height of the door from top to bottom.  On average, the center of the lantern’s bulb should rest about 66″ above the threshold of the door.

For 2 Lanterns: each lantern should each measure approximately one-fourth the height of the door. The center of the bulb should rest 66″ above the threshold of the door.


  • remember to pay attention to the overall bulk of the fixture if you choose a fixture with a long tail or top scroll.
  • your lantern should appear to be about half the size of your door from about 30 yards away.   Try to visualize your home as others would view it from the street.
  • DON’T UNDERSIZE YOUR LANTERNS: When in doubt, always go with a larger size.

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