Lighting Affects People’s Moods!

Think about how our moods are often reflective of the weather: when the sun is beaming out of a clear, blue sky, people tend to feel positive and good moods abound. The opposite is also true, and when it’s cloudy and gloomy, people are depressed and apathetic.

Indoor lighting or the lack thereof, tends to affect the moods of those indoors in much the same way that the weather affects people’s moods outdoors, and a dark room can create a dreary atmosphere.

This fact has become more prevalent in the medical community over the last 20 years as more people seek treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a mood condition resulting in depression, moody or ambivalent feelings, is often brought about during the winter months when days are shorter and colder, and there is less sunlight.

In some cases, simply by having extra lighting in their homes, and/or by utilizing different lamps that simulate sunlight (SAD light-bulbs work in any standard light-bulb socket), patients noted a definite improvement in their moods, in some cases alleviating their insomnia, fatigue, and food cravings.

When trying to best establish lighting in your home, consider creating a balance of different light sources, natural and artificial, to create a layered, blanket of light that gently covers every corner of each room.

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