Bring Sunshine Indoors With Mirrors, Cool Tones, & Light Fabrics

For many home designers, the constant request of clients is to add more light into their home. The reasoning behind this request is that the more natural sunlight enters a room, the more people will want to interact in the room. Mood levels also tend to be more positive when there is light in a room.

HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder, Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of, and Betsy Burnham of Los Angeles’ Burnham Design collaborate to show homeowners how to let some light back into their homes.

  1. Use Mirrors
    Mirrors help reflect light and make a small space appear larger. Burnham advises homeowners to buy a large mirror and have it professionally framed. You can also place small mirrors throughout your home and can have a set arranged on a single wall. When deciding on furniture, look at options with glass or mirrored features.
  2. Cool Tones
    Burnham suggests using cool tones can “chill things out” and to use “blue-grays and taupes that are shades of off-white with a little blue in them.” Gorder recommends adding metallics to the mix and even using reflective finishes on ceilings.
  3. Cotton & Linen Fabrics
    Gorder suggests having the largest pieces in your living room in light colors, like the sofas and love seats. Add deeper colors in smaller furniture pieces. Simple draperies in cotton or linen fabrics will let plenty of light in during the day. Softer colors will make you feel like you are at the beach on a sunny day.

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