Guide to Lighting Terms for Your Next Home Lighting Plan

If you are looking for a new home lighting plan for your recent home improvement project or new-build, it is helpful to know the proper lighting terms used by interior designers and lighting specialists. Here are the main lighting terms:

  • General lighting
    This is the overall, main lighting in a room. Florescent lights can fill up large areas well, but the white light makes the room look bland. Many homeowners are now using halogen lights that can be dimmed to give a more flattering glow to the room.
  • Accent lighting
    This type of lighting is used to draw attention to special artwork, collection, among other displays. Accent lighting, such as a spotlight create shadows of overlapping light.
  • Decorative lighting
    This is lighting that is use strictly for decorative purposes. Examples of decorative lighting include chandeliers, silk lanterns, or a wrought candle stand. These lighting objects do not put off that much light, but add to the decorative elements of the room
  • Task lighting
    This is lighting that is intended to help you fulfill a certain tasks whether it is reading, working, or sewing. An example of task lighting is a desk lamp that can be positioned for the best lighting. Task lighting is also beneficial in the kitchen to prevent accidents.

You do not need to be an expert in lighting to create your own captivating ambience. Contact us to learn about bringing timeless designs into your home.


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