5 Effective Task Lighting Tips

There’s is no doubt that lighting sets the mood of our experiences. Here are a few tips to help you increase the functionality and  style by illuminating those high traffic areas in your home.

1. For entertaining at the bar hover an island or pendant light over the area and for a more intimate feel accent with a few recessed adjustable fixtures.

2. Give your glasswear an extra sparkle by using low-voltage fixtures with tungsten-halogen bulbs.

3. Hosting formal dinners or get togethers? Enhance the ambiance by adding an elegant focal point such as a chandelier.

4. Dress up that kitchen work area by adding under the cabinet lighting, to avoid glare mount closely to the front of the cabinets making it easier during serving and clean up.

5. Task lighting such as swing arm wall lamps can do wonders when placed on each side of the bed.  It not only illuminates the night stand but it also free up space for placing other items such as alarm clocks, beverages and books.

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Source: American Lighting Association

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