Recognizing Different Types of Lighting

There’s a lot more to lighting a room than just making sure you can see where you’re going and don’t stub your toe on a table. If a room is lit well and lit correctly, the mood of an entire room can be changed. Depending on what sort of environment you want to establish, there are specific methods for drawing out that kind of feeling in a room.

Knowing what types of lighting are used for different situations and moods is critical to having your home or space feel just right for you. For whatever purpose you have for a space in your building, there are four kinds of lighting for you to consider when illuminating a room:

  • Ambient lighting: Generally soft and low-level light used to help light undefined areas of a room
  • Task lighting: This lighting is bright light meant for rooms where specific activities that require detail take place, like a kitchen or on office
  • Accent lighting: Also bright lighting, but is focused into a small space and used to draw attention to specific parts of a space, such as a work of art being displayed
  • Decorative lighting: Where accent lighting is used to highlight art, decorative lighting can be seen as art itself, light displays that is specifically engineered to function as a compliment to a room and attract attention

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Source: Designing Tips

Photo Source: Quoizel

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