Vetreo is Here!

Vetreo vanity lighting is a terrific combination of style and function!

Quoizel’s got a great new product that we want to showcase–check it out!

Introducing Vetreo!    An innovative product Vetreo tile vanity lighting combines the elegance and symmetry of glass tile with the smart and green technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).  LEDs are helping make Quoizel greener.  During the day they’ll keep your room well lit, and at night they’ll drop down to very low, soft lighting.  This is a new type of environmentally friendly lighting, and it can save you up to 85% of your electricity used by your lighting.  And all Vetreo tile vanity lights comes with a built in flip-switch so that you can adapt you lighting to your mood, as well as time of day.

Vetrea is ultra-customizable!  You can mix and match any of the tiles we offer, or even substitute in some of your own tiles (it’s really easy), with the finish, and the two styles of brackets.  Offhand there are four different designs in glass and metal tile that coordinate with almost everything, making them an easy addition to anyone’s home decor.

This will be the most iridescent and energy efficient nightlight you’ve ever had.

For more info on Vetreo, simply watch this video.

4 thoughts on “Vetreo is Here!

  1. Hanna Praport Reply

    We just moved into a house that has the 4 light vetreo vanity fixture. However, one of the bulb shields is missing and another one is cracked. One G9 bulb is also missing. I love the fixture but don’t know where it was purchased. How can I buy these replacement parts?


    1. quoizel Reply

      Good Morning. I have forwarded your message to our customer service department. They will contact you.
      Have a great day!

  2. jean marie Reply

    I am trying to get more information about the vetreo metalica light.
    What are the tiles made from, what is the background to the tiles.
    And, my electrical box is not on center with the sink, can I center the light, and offset the electrical connection.
    many thanks

    1. quoizel Reply

      I have forwarded your inquiry to our customer service department. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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