How Does Lighting Affect Your Mood?

Doesn’t it seems like when we have warm, sunny days outside everyone is constantly announcing  that it’s beautiful outside – it has even become a great conversation starter, “Wonderful day isn’t it?”. On gloomy days it’s often quite the opposite. Comments such as “I’d rather be at home asleep” or “Look what this weather has done to my hair” become the norm. It seems as if the weather is directly influencing not only our conversation, but also our states of mind. This made us wonder, how does lighting affect your mood?


How to Improve Hallway Lighting

Hallways are some of the most overused, yet understated areas we have in our homes. Though they are often frequented, we tend to pay less attention to the look of our hallways and focus more on the rooms. Consider adding an element of design to your hallway – not only will your guests feel more comfortable, but they’ll also get a sense of your style, creating a personal ambiance. A great way to create this impression is focusing on your hallway lighting. Think through these questions to improve your hallway lighting.


How Does Quoizel Create Their Fixtures?

There are a wide variety of techniques, styles and approaches that Quoizel considers when creating each of our luxury lighting fixtures and accessories. Considerable design deliberation goes into every meticulously detailed pieces that we create here at the Goose Creek headquarters. Everything from the materials that are chosen to the aesthetics that will be presented all go through a process of thorough conceptualization to make sure each piece will retain the timeless elegance that we’ve become synonymous with.


What Makes Quoizel Unique?

At Quoizel, we consider ourselves to be more than just a lighting and home accessory company. We’re a family with a shared passion for quality and timeless design and this commitment comes shining through in the work that we do and the products we create. In fact, that passion has been with us since our inception in 1930 in New York. Even after relocating to Charleston, SC to a state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility –one that certainly surpasses our old facilities in size—we’ve retained our small business roots. To this day, we remain privately held, family-owned and operated.


Energy Efficient Lighting from Quoizel!

Many people are switching over to energy efficient lighting. Today, I want to share with you some examples of energy efficient lighting from Quoizel.

The first type of energy efficient lighting is called Compact Florescent Lighting. These bulbs are smaller versions of regular florescent bulbs. They can be used in standard sockets and appear to give off the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs.

The second type of energy efficient lighting is Light Emitting Diodes. These bulbs are very small and very energy efficient. The website Eartheasy states that: