How to Improve Hallway Lighting

Dark hallway
Don't let your hallways get dark and dreary like this one. Use our tips to brighten them up!

Hallways are some of the most overused, yet understated areas we have in our homes. Though they are often frequented, we tend to pay less attention to the look of our hallways and focus more on the rooms. Consider adding an element of design to your hallway – not only will your guests feel more comfortable, but they’ll also get a sense of your style, creating a personal ambiance. A great way to create this impression is focusing on your hallway lighting. Think through these questions to improve your hallway lighting.

What size is the space? Match the size of the lighting fixture to the size of the hallway. For example, a larger space is better suited for a larger light fixture.

How much light do you need? With many options available concerning wattage and bulb sockets, choose a fixture(s) that best suits the needs of the space. Also consider using a dimmer switch to set variable moods.

What sort of fixtures should I use? The options are limitless. Some of our favorites include chandeliers, sconces, or track lighting. Review your options by searching online and finding hallways that are similar to yours.

Do you think you have adequate lighting for your hallways? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Image by kimba via Flickr

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