Quoizel Outdoor Testing Program

Quoizel created an Outdoor Product Testing area six years ago to monitor the weathering changes on the various types of materials in their different finishes of Quoizel Outdoor Products.

A 20’ x 20’ chain linked cage with six large panels was installed on the west side of the Quoizel facility. Quoizel’s engineering department designed the large panels to rotate at different angles to capture the direct sunlight rays at different times of the day; each panel capable of holding as many as two dozen fixtures.

The Quoizel Outdoor Team’s mission statement was to establish a process and procedure to insure the quality of all outdoor products and finishes.  In the process, the team reviews test results and failures monthly and evaluates customer and sales complaints as well as supplier recommendations.

Goals were set for the finish on all outdoor products to last the equivalent of 7 years without finish failure such as excessive fading and/or paint peeling.

The Team uses other resources as test method for outdoor products by submitting specimens to Q-Lab in Florida for accelerating testing process.  Accelerated testing allows us to understand the durability of our product; by automotive standards 365 hours of combined testing is equivalent to 3 – 4 years.  This process allows Quoizel to inform our supplier where improvements are required.  Accelerated testing process involves placing specimens into two test phases: UV chamber for 168 continuous hours; Salt-Spray chamber for 168 continuous hours. Reports with photos are sent back to our Quoizel Outdoor Team for review and evaluation.


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