Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen

If you’re like many homeowners who planned on remodeling this year but had to postpone due to rising gas and food prices, don’t despair. There are still a number of economical ways that you can update the look of various areas of your home without breaking the bank. Your kitchen is one of the easiest places to do so and can truly be revitalized with just a few simple lighting changes. “Just merely changing out the decorative lighting fixtures over the breakfast nook or center island can have a big visual impact, creating a fresher, more up-to-date look – and it is considerably less expensive than replacing the cabinets or countertops,” according to the American Lighting Association. Maybe that original out-dated lighting fixture in your kitchen that came with the house decades ago just doesn’t match with the newer appliances you’ve updated the room with in the years since purchasing. That’s a great example of an item that can be simply updated to make a world of difference in the room’s aesthetics.

Visit the American Lighting Association today for more tips on other ways to spruce up your home through lighting fixture revamps. And to learn more about the wide selection of lighting accessories that Quoizel has to offer, contact us today at 888-756-4522.

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