Looking for a chandelier? Head to a showroom!

Buying a chandelier from a showroom has its perks, and with the right lighting fixture you can transform your living space.  

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, purchasing a chandelier can be a difficult process, but the staff at lighting showrooms usually have more product knowledge. Showrooms allow a wider range of options and one-on-one buying advice.  Here are a few tips for buying a chandelier: 

1) Measure: Know the length, width and height of your space.  If you already have a chandelier hanging in that space, measure that one too.  Use that measurement as a scale for buying your new one.

2) Determine the proper chandelier width for your space.  Add your room width and your room length in inches.  The sum of these widths should give you an approximate diameter for a chandelier.

3) Determine your ceiling height.  Measure from the floor to the ceiling where the chandelier will be mounted.

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