Cross Training Helps Quoizel Run More Efficiently!

As we all know in these tough economic times companies need to make decisions that affect all aspects of the company.  In today’s competitive and challenging work environment, employees need to be well-rounded and competent in a multiple of tasks.   What we have always done in the operations part of our business is cross train people to fill in where needed. Cross training employees not only means guaranteeing work will go on uninterrupted, but it can also improve employee morale and expand their skills.  The employees that work in the returns department (RGA) are cross trained in at least one other function outside of our returns.    

One employee, who works in the repack area has been cross trained to pick orders in shipping, has traveled to Dallas to do showroom set-up and has helped out at our showroom in Charleston where he has learned how to bracket merchandise for display.

We also have employees who have assisted the credit department and the warehouse for various duties.  They will assist these other departments when employees are absent, on vacation, at market or when there is a large volume of work.

Cross training is happening throughout Quoizel in every department!  It allows our employees to be more valuable, which will enable them to help the company run more efficiently.

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