Increasing Productivity & Saving Money

Eddie Plowden, Marketing Manager at Berkeley Electric Cooperative, recently met with Rick Seidman, CEO of Quoizel Lighting, to present a rebate check for $43,000 resulting from changes that Quoizel made as part of BEC’s Commercial & Industrial Lighting Program.

Rick Seidman, CEO of Quoizel & Eddie Plowden, Marketing Manager of BEC

Quoizel has upgraded the warehouse lighting to take advantage of more energy efficient lighting.  The 400W metal halide lights have recently been replaced with fluorescent high bays, purchased from Texas Fluorescents.  The new fluorescent lighting can instantly achieve full brightness and can be controlled by timers and dimmers to maximize energy efficiency.  First year expected savings from this “green” upgrade is approximately $100,000.

Warehouse employees are reporting that the lighting gives off a better color and brightness, which has increased productivity and morale.  Fluorescent lights burn much cooler than metal halide, which provides welcomed temperature relief in the hot summer months.

If you are interested in fluorescent lighting, please visit Texas Fluorescent’s website:

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