The Importance of Focused Lighting

Providing sufficient lighting inside your home is much more than adding a few lamps. The difference between a house and a home is the attention to detail that you put into each aspect of the home’s design. When it comes to lighting, keep the same perspective in mind. To show you the importance of focused lighting, we have tackled the challenging project of lighting a basement game room.

Stonehedge Island Fixture ~ GE351SE

Basements are notoriously dark and dreary because of the lack of windows.  At the same time however, this makes them the easiest to improve. Consider the project of lighting a game room. There must be sufficient lighting around the game table or other main area, so that players can see the game.

In this example, a 3-light island fixture provides fantastic lighting to focus on illuminating the table. The beautiful stonehedge shades add to the style of the room. The surrounding recessed lights are then used to brighten the rest of the room. The importance of focused lighting is perfectly displayed in this room by using a combination of several different lights and techniques that come together to create a stunning result.

Creating a space with timeless lighting design requires the right tools and service. To learn how we can help you use lighting in your home, contact our team at Quoizel. Visit us online or call 888-756-4522 to speak with someone today

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