Quoizel’s Pre-Buy Event

Quoizel will host 22 customers to Quoizel’s Pre-Buy, an event that spans over a 3-week period.

It’s a unique opportunity for customers to view, critique and order merchandise that will be presented in January at our Dallas market.  This helps us determine what items we might need to order more or less of.  When speaking to management, China’s New Year falls on January 23rd this year, and all the factories shut down for weeks of celebration.  Therefore, if we know ahead of time to order more of a certain “hot” item, we will be able to fill and handle the orders from the January 2012 market, which is the largest market for the lighting industry.

The Pre-Buy customers will be treated to warm and welcoming Southern Hospitality in the heart of Charleston’s historic district.  Personal tours of this beautiful area will be guided by Quoizel’s own President, Rick Seidman.  Customers, colleagues and Quoizel management will dine in some of the top-rated restaurants in the area.

If you are a customer, and you would like to be involved in future Pre-Buys, please contact your sales representative.

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