Congratulations to Crystal (Xiaolu Yi) from our China office.  She was married on August 25th in Hunan Province, Xupu County. 

The bride and groom will celebrate their nuptials in November when a honeymoon is planned.  Sincere congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!


A little bit more about the Finley Chandeliers

The Western Bronze chandelier features symmetrical Tiffany Glass Mosaic that compliments any interior from traditional to modern. The craftsman chandelier will shine extra bright whether it is placed in an elegant dining room, or hung over a casual kitchen island.

We have 6 different Finley lighting fixtures available. Check a few out for yourself!

The beautiful Tiffany Glass shade are hand crafted and set in copper foiled, while the Western Bronze finish creates the perfect light-dark contrast.


Cross Training Helps Quoizel Run More Efficiently!

As we all know in these tough economic times companies need to make decisions that affect all aspects of the company.  In today’s competitive and challenging work environment, employees need to be well-rounded and competent in a multiple of tasks.   What we have always done in the operations part of our business is cross train people to fill in where needed. Cross training employees not only means guaranteeing work will go on uninterrupted, but it can also improve employee morale and expand their skills.  The employees that work in the returns department (RGA) are cross trained in at least one other function outside of our returns.    


The Benefits of Good Lighting

According to a recent article from the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), there are many different  elements of our personal well-being that are affected by light quality. For example, the way our offices are illuminated can potentially affect productivity. Proper, adequate lighting can also potentially affect mood and temperament. This is why, by and large, a number of building owners and business managers have made a concerted effort to invest in improvements in lighting.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, improving the lighting quality of your space can potentially increase its value and reduce energy costs. For information on how Quoizel’s attractive and timeless lighting accessories can help improve your space’s quality, contact us today or call 888-756-4522.