Quoizel’s Wellness Challenge

In March of 2009, Quoizel created an amazing wellness program that would suit the needs of every employee. We are proud to say that we have an astounding 25% of our workforce from our South Carolina facility participating. We have a trainer that comes to our facility three days a week to conduct individual, small and large group training during lunch breaks.

Since the program began, we have collectively lost close to 500 lbs., blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been drastically reduced and employees are coming off all types of medications. This has lowered our risk in respect to our health care coverage, which will eventually save us thousands of dollars each year. Since all levels of employees participate (hourly, supervisors, managers and board members) employees are getting to know each other, forming support groups, and bonding in ways never expected. The teambuilding aspect is wonderful and has improved our company’s morale during the worst of economic times.

We decided to offer a contest to our “Boot Campers” this past January.  We asked them to set an obtainable goal, attend workouts, win team challenges and make progress on their workouts.  Everyone was up for the challenge!  From the beginning of January through the end of June everyone worked hard to improve their overall health by eating better and exercising.  Our trainer was here to coach them on and assist them to make lifestyle changes.  He sat with everyone individually and customized their plan of attack.  In the end, we had a much healthier group whose level of fitness and performance increased and combined lost over 110lbs in just six months!

We would like to congratulate our first place winner, Stacey Brusso.  Stacey is the Assistant Manager in our Shipping department, and she has proven to be a great role model and motivator to all.  Aside from the new healthy lifestyle she created, Stacey has been awarded a discount on her health insurance for six months!  Our second place winner was Maritza Granados, also of our Shipping Department.  She has also made great lifestyle changes and has proven that anyone can do anything they desire.  She has worked hard before, during, and after each workout.  Maritza has been awarded a discount on her health insurance for three months.

The Quoizel family is extremely proud of everyone who is putting forth this great effort.  We are looking forward to more wellness programs, challenges, and, most importantly, healthy and happy employees.  Everyone that participated did a great job, and obviously, every loser was a winner!!

Wellness Challenge

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