How to Clean Your Tiffany Art Glass Shades

Quoizel’s Tiffany Art Glass is some of the most exquisite lighting you’ll ever come across. The intricate details of every hand-crafted glass shade tell a story all its own. Needless to say, you want to keep these beauties looking their best for years to come.  When cleaning tiffany products made of opaque stained glass, art glass or jadestone, stay away from harsh chemicals.  Cleaning agents that contain ammonia should be avoided altogether as they can affect the finish on each lamp’s solder. You are best to apply a lemon oil-based furniture polish to a soft cloth and wipe gently.  To clean tiffany products made of beveled or transparent glass, apply a household glass cleaner to a softl cloth and wipe gently or use a feather duster.  Before cleaning any lamp shade or fixture, disconnect the power source.  From Quoizel:

Solder is a metal that can oxidize (tarnish), which results in a white film on the solder. This can be removed and prevented with a light coating of lemon oil. Instead, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe your lamp clean of dust and debris.

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