Lighting for Kitchen Islands

Beautiful kitchen lighting is a perfect way to highlight your custom marble or granite island.  There are numerous styles of island lighting that will blend in with your current kitchen decor and appliances.

Today’s kitchen island is more advanced and modern than the traditional ones of the past.  It may have a built-in refrigeration unit as well as a working sink, grill or electric burners.  A kitchen island is considered a task area in the kitchen because it is where meals are prepared, and other activities such as reading a cookbook, checking the children’s homework and computing the monthly bills all take place.  Task areas need bright lights and since kitchen islands are in the middle of the kitchen,  pendant lighting is perfect to enhance the island and add style to the entire kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern in design, Quoizel Lighting has got a fixture that’s perfect for you.

Pendant lighting is a great option for above kitchen islands.

Small chandeliers also add an elegant touch to a kitchen.




For help selecting lighting for above your kitchen island, contact the professionals at Quoizel Lighting.

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