Save ‘Green’ on Environmentally Green Lightbulbs

Everyone likes to save money. By now, environmentally friendly LED lightbulbs are old news. We all know that they last significantly longer than the old fashioned bulbs and that they are better for the environment and our electric bill. They are also much more expensive than the basic bulbs. While we know that they save us money in the long run, sticker shock is typically enough to make us opt for the less convenient buy.

LEDs are starting to drop in price though! Not only are they lowering their prices, but you can often get rebates on them through sites like DSIRE or Energy Star to find rebates that can bring the price of lightbulbs down even further. In fact, if you spend more than $30 on lightbulbs, which could help you light your entire home, then you qualify for a $10 rebate from Philips.

If you find that you’re saving so much in lightbulbs that you end up buying too many, then you know you can turn to Quoizel for quality, gorgeous lighting and home accessories. If you need to know if we have something to fit a specific bulb, give us a call at (888) 756-4522.

Source: Prices of longer-lasting lightbulbs drop, adding to savings
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