Quoizel Lighting Giveaway ~ We have a Winner!

In conjunction with our 2011 fall flyer, Quoizel tiffany butterflies were raffled off at participating dealers.  Those winners were automatically entered into our Quoizel lighting giveaway.  The grand prize drawing was held on Friday.  The winner will receive $2,000 of Quoizel merchandise, as well as the sales associate.  The lucky winner is Phyllis and the sales associate is Adam from Delande Supply Company in Salem, MA. 

We know you will find our timeless designs are perfect for any room in your home and trust you both will enjoy whatever product you choose.


Save ‘Green’ on Environmentally Green Lightbulbs

Everyone likes to save money. By now, environmentally friendly LED lightbulbs are old news. We all know that they last significantly longer than the old fashioned bulbs and that they are better for the environment and our electric bill. They are also much more expensive than the basic bulbs. While we know that they save us money in the long run, sticker shock is typically enough to make us opt for the less convenient buy.

LEDs are starting to drop in price though! Not only are they lowering their prices, but you can often get rebates on them through sites like DSIRE or Energy Star to find rebates that can bring the price of lightbulbs down even further. In fact, if you spend more than $30 on lightbulbs, which could help you light your entire home, then you qualify for a $10 rebate from Philips.


Rick Seidman Discusses Quoizel Lighting Product line

At Quoizel, we understand that sometimes, seeing is believing. That’s why our company’s President and CEO Rick Seidman created this video that we’d like to share with you now.

In this clip, Rick doesn’t merely talk about Quoizel’s timeless product line but instead shows you, in vivid detail, just a few of the reasons why Quoizel is a cut above the rest!

Are you an owner of timeless lighting accessories by Quoizel? If so, we’d like to hear from you!


Quoizel Factory Authorized Sale ~ Huge Success

Quoizel’s Factory Authorized Sale, which was held this weekend, was a huge success!!

There was something for everyone, and the consumer traffic was unbelievable all three days.  The record-breaking sale served over 2,000 customers.

Rick Seidman, President and CEO of Quoizel, was quoted as saying “I had so many customers make sure that they told me firsthand how much they enjoyed our employees.  They were overwhelmed by the terrific attitudes of every Quoizelian that they came in contact with.”  Rick thanked the Quoizel employees saying, “Thank you for your smiles, thank you for your hard work, thank you for promoting our factory sale to your family and friends, for working on the weekend, and for doing whatever it took to make it happen this weekend.”