Quoizel being displayed at Lamp & Shade Works

Lamp & Shade Works, located in Sewell, NJ is a family-owned and operated business with over 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry.  

Recently, Bryan Ehrlich, Sales Representative for Quoizel, along with Kelly & Vince Conti, owners of Lamp & Shade Works, set up new displays in Lamp & Shade Works’ showroom featuring the Duchess and Monterey Mosaic Collections.  Come by and see these collections and many other Quoizel products.


Don’t let the holidays get you stressed…

For a lot of people, this time of year brings on a lot of unwelcomed stress.  If possible, try hard to find joy in the little things…

  • When you’re walking through crowds during your holiday shopping, use it as an opportunity to create an intimate moment between your significant other and yourself. 
  • Families have different traditions. It’s all the more fun if you accept them and enjoy each and every new tradition you encounter.
  • When the holidays get a little overwhelming, make sure to set time aside for yourself.  Gift wrapping gives us the perfect opportunity to be alone and enjoy the silent part of your silent nights.

For many, remembering something happy from your childhood can help minimize those stressful feelings during this hectic time, like memories of lighting the candles on the menorah, reminiscing of the holiday traditions you did as a child such as watching a Christmas special on television. Who could forget when Flick’s tongue got stuck on the flagpole or when Ralphie’s father wins a lamp in a sweepstakes in the cherished movie A Christmas Story.  


How to Best Light a Hallway and Living Room

We’ve already touched a little on the various ways to light your house to its best advantage. We’re going to start covering how to light each specific room. While you may not always take the time to really consider lighting, and screwing in a bulb hardly seems complicated, with a little consideration you can make the light in your home dramatic and ideal for every room.

When lighting a hallway, you should consider softer lights. Hanging pendants, walls sconces, lanterns, and chandeliers all give softer light that also adds character to a room. Since hallways are often lacking furniture, you want the light fixture itself to make a statement. Use mirrors to add more dimension and light to the area.


Rudolph Craft

What a great way to recycle and use those old light bulbs. 

Click the link to see this and a few other holiday crafts using burned out light bulbs from Better Budgeting.