Lighting “Fashion Show” Event

Denis Caldora joins Quoizel for the launch of a lighting “fashion show” debuting in dealer’s showrooms across the country.  Denis is a merchandising, design and sales training expert who is well known in the lighting industry. 

This two-day Lighting “Fashion Show” Event features training seminars for consumers, interior designers as well as builders.  Seminars include sales training and updating with the latest home furnishing trends necessary to compete in the 2012 retail market, and will include advertising to promote the “Quoizel Lighting Fashion Show”.  Denis will help transform the showrooms with a fresh new look and the sales associates will be updated on trends necessary to compete in 2012.  This event has limited availability so please ask your sales representative for more information.


Quoizel’s Newly Remodeled Showroom

For months now we have been talking and posting images of the renovation of Quoizel’s Dallas Showroom.  Quoizel closed their 4th floor space and broke through to its neighboring showroom on the 3rd floor.  It took eight months to renovate and expand the 14,000 sq. foot showroom.  This beautiful space showcases Quoizel’s impressive product line and better serves its retail partners.  One of the missions in the renovation was to provide displays that could be used in any dealer showroom.  Six new displays as well as portable hanging walls are available to retailers to highlight their vignettes.


January Dallas Market 2012

The traffic and mood at the Dallas Market was very upbeat!!  There is so much to talk about so we’ll elaborate more on some of these topics during the week, but here is an overview of the many exciting events.

Quoizel introduced over 300 new styles, making it the biggest introduction in over a decade.  Quoizel’s new product lines were very well received; notably the launch of the Uptown Line by Sergio Orozco, a high-end contemporary line with a stylish influence from the city of New York.  In addition, the LED2 contemporary bath line was also a big hit at Market.


Come Home to Light not Darkness

During the winter months, most are coming home from a long day of work and are coming home to darkness.  Outdoor lighting not only enhances the beauty of your property, but it provides security and safety as well.

A post lantern can be installed so that visitors can safely navigate to the front entrance of your home after dark.

A well-lit entrance enables you to greet guests and identify visitors.  Wall lanterns on each side of the door will assure the safety of your guests and will give your home a warm, welcoming look.  You can use a chain-hung or close-ceiling fixture above an overhang or porch for further brightness.