Choose a Light Fixture that Goes With Your Home

There is a feeling of calm confidence that comes with having a place of your own, isn’t there? And we here at Quoizel think there is a feeling of order and satisfaction that comes from having the appropriate light fixture.  Here is how to choose a light fixture that compliments the architecture and interior design of your house.

Define the style of your existing architecture. Choose a term that describes that style, be it Mediterranean, English, French, contemporary, etc. Once you have found the right term, research online to get even more specific. (For example, styles of English architecture include Georgian, English country, Edwardian, etc.) Type in your specific search term to get specialized results.

  • Write down words that describe how your interior feels. Is it warm, calm, energetic, feminine, or masculine? What other words can you think of to describe your home?

  • Think of what purpose you need the light to serve. Do you need soft light to dine by or bright light to cook or clean by? Specify dimmers for almost every light in your house so you can change the mood of a space with lighting.

To find the light fixture that is right for your home, visit Quoizel at


Brushed Silver Lighting Inspired by Fashion

What do jewelry, home accessories, and lighting fixtures have in common? They are all a way to express yourself. Home fashion often follows runway fashion. Spring’s latest trend is crisp, cool-toned brushed silver. From chandelier earrings to chandeliers, here’s a look at the best of this precious metal.

  • Silver earrings designed by architect Frank Gehry, available at Tiffany, are given a brushed look by an oxidized finish. 

The Holita sconce of the Uptown Collection by Sergio Orozco has seductive curves that add a touch of sophisticated sexiness to a room.  The imperial silver base and light beige fabric shade complete with diffuser finishes the look.


Quoizel’s Wellness Program ~ Interview on the “Tammy Show”

In the beginning of January, Maria Brennan, Human Resources Supervisor, and Brent Thacker, Personal Trainer, did an interview on a local talk show called “The Tammy Show”.  They were thrilled to discuss Quoizel’s wellness corporate program with so many viewers, where the segment ran over 20 times in one week.  In these tough economic times, many companies might avoid such a wellness program due to expense, time and liability.  Since the program started in March 2009, Quoizel has been committed to helping its employees lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and live a healthier lifestyle.  The program has made positive changes mentally, physically and emotionally in everyone participating.


How to make the lighting in your house flattering

Have you ever gone out for a night on the town, feeling great, only to take a glimpse of yourself in a mirror at a restaurant and think “what the heck happened?” It’s not you! It’s the lighting. People can’t control the lighting in restaurants and commercial buildings, but we can make the lighting in our homes flattering. Here are tips on how to create flattering light.  Each tip is illuminated with an image from Quoizel.

  • Living Room: According to Elle Décor, table lamps and floor lamps are great because they are at eye level. Alabaster or warm-toned frosted glass shades (like the Quoizel lamp below) diffuse the light and give a soft, warm glow. This ambient lighting sheds a healthy golden light on a person’s skin and conceals imperfections. Another good option that achieves a similar affect is fabric lamp shades lined in cream silk.


  • Dining area: Frosted alabaster-toned glass shades are used here as well. Avoid bulbs that have a blue or green cast. Flourescents used to have this reputation but now there are some options on the market that are dim-able and frosted, with a warm cast.
  • Bathroom: Top lighting behind you is okay because it fills in the highlights in your hair. You should not have top lighting directly above you because it will cast shadows. Somewhere in the bathroom, have light that simulates white, bright natural daylight. This bathroom has a window so that the homeowner can see what her hair and makeup will look like outside. 
  • Powder room: Rely on candles for a warm, glowing affect. You and your guests aren’t really using a powder room to do hair and makeup, so gentle mood lighting is perfect.

We here at Quoizel love providing architects, homeowners, builders, and designers with lighting and home accessories that make us all look good.


What classic movies teach us about lighting

Is there anything more glamorous and timeless than a classic movie on the silver screen? We still go to the movies or watch them at home, but remember when a Saturday night meant getting dressed up and going to theatre with curtains across the screen? The sheers would be mechanically drawn and viola!–stars, sets, and stunning scenes. There seemed to be nobody more handsome than Cary Grant or Steve McQueen, nobody more beautiful than Marilyn or Audrey. And the sets! “Casablanca” transported us, while “Auntie Mame” made us want to re-decorate every six months. Those were the days—and you can have that glamour again if you follow these tips for lighting.