Quoizel’s Wellness Program ~ Interview on the “Tammy Show”

In the beginning of January, Maria Brennan, Human Resources Supervisor, and Brent Thacker, Personal Trainer, did an interview on a local talk show called “The Tammy Show”.  They were thrilled to discuss Quoizel’s wellness corporate program with so many viewers, where the segment ran over 20 times in one week.  In these tough economic times, many companies might avoid such a wellness program due to expense, time and liability.  Since the program started in March 2009, Quoizel has been committed to helping its employees lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and live a healthier lifestyle.  The program has made positive changes mentally, physically and emotionally in everyone participating.

Up and coming will be a “Group Cleanse”.  The cleanse will last 30 days.  The participants will consume fresh rather than frozen beef, fresh vegetables, fruit and a lot of water.  Some participants are choosing to eat only grass-fed beef where the meat products will be purchased directly from a farm in upstate South Carolina where it will be free of msg, nitrates and fillers and free of organic commercial fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides.

We look forward to sharing more wellness programs, developments and challenges with our facebook followers!  Good Luck to all the Quoizel participants.

Please click on link below to see interview.

Tammy Show Interview

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