Choose a Light Fixture that Goes With Your Home

There is a feeling of calm confidence that comes with having a place of your own, isn’t there? And we here at Quoizel think there is a feeling of order and satisfaction that comes from having the appropriate light fixture.  Here is how to choose a light fixture that compliments the architecture and interior design of your house.

  • Define the style of your existing architecture. Choose a term that describes that style, be it Mediterranean, English, French, contemporary, etc. Once you have found the right term, research online to get even more specific. (For example, styles of English architecture include Georgian, English country, Edwardian, etc.) Type in your specific search term to get specialized results.
    A rustic contemporary look that gives a dramatic flair to your home
  • Write down words that describe how your interior feels. Is it warm, calm, energetic, feminine, or masculine? What other words can you think of to describe your home?
    Sparkling crystals and a rich finish add dramatic style to your smaller rooms
  • Think of what purpose you need the light to serve. Do you need soft light to dine by or bright light to cook or clean by? Specify dimmers for almost every light in your house so you can change the mood of a space with lighting.
This kitchen's pendants, by Quoizel, provide both task and mood lighting.

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