Innovative LED Light Fixtures

LED bulbs have many advantages, both for indoor and outdoor applications. According to National Geographic, LEDs last for a long time and don’t use much energy. They are also small enough to fit in some fixtures that cannot hold other types of bulbs. LEDs that are EnergyStar rated are especially efficient using at least 75% less energy, lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting while providing optimal light color. 
LED lighting is a natural fit for cutting-edge renovation, new construction projects or do-it-yourself upgrades.  Quoizel, always on the forefront of technology, has introduced some striking and modern indoor and outdoor light fixtures that are as innovative as the LED bulb itself.

  • Quoizel’s new Forme Collection has a bath fixture with an LED nightlight. It is called Angles and has a polished chrome finish with clear glass shades.

  • The Quoizel Vitreo Make Your Own bath fixture with square glass has an LED nightlight and comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.

  • Quoizel’s Harper medium wall lantern sheds a great deal of light with just one 9W LED bulb, which is protected by clear glass. The fixture also comes in small and large.

  • The Destin large wall lantern by Quoizel takes one 9W LED bulb. The Destin is also available in a medium size.

Quoizel continues to offer sustainable energy-efficient solutions to their customers while providing elegant lighting.


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