The World of Sconces

A sconce is a wall  fixture, originally used to shield a candle to prevent it from blowing out. The word sconce  is derived from the Latin absconsus, and the French esconce. The reason for this word choice is that the fixture ensconces, or shelters, the light source.  Sconces held candles that were used for illuminating rooms before electricity was invented.  Today, sconces are primarily used as a decorative effect, and although sconces are not a major light source, they can provide indirect lighting that subtly enhances a space.


Quoizel Vetreo — Create Your Own Bath Light

Quoizel Senior Designer/BOD Todd Phillips describes the innovation behind Quoizel’s Vetreo collection, which combines hand-painted glass tile with the smart technology of LED. Not only can you select from our pre-coordinated finishes, tile patterns, and glass shades, but you can uniquely customize these lights and mirrors with your own tile and stone. All Vetreo tile vanity lights offer a revolutionary built-in electronic flip-switch, so you can alter your lighting for day or night conditions.


The World of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great design accessory and when strategically placed, a mirror can liven a room making it appear larger and brighter.  Here are examples of beautiful mirrors used to enhance great design.

  • Quoizel’s Jasper mirror is a lighthearted, whimsical look for the modern or contemporary bath, this mirror features curved lines and a fun, unconventional overall style.
  • Mirrors are a great design tool for any room — not just bathrooms and dressing areas.  Looking for a contemporary, unique design, a great option is Quoizel’s Gwyneth mirror, which can be placed over a console, headboard or is gorgeous enough to stand alone.


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