Update on Quoizel’s Wellness Program

Quoizel’s Wellness Program is as strong as ever due to the commitment of its employees.  At the end of March, the Program stepped it up a notch with the “Group Cleanse”.  Although it was extremely challenging, a handful were still able to complete it.  They felt great and lost inches too.  Even though the “Group Cleanse” has been completed, the participants continue to be conscientious about buying organic fruits and vegetables and buying meat from a farm where its livestock is grass-fed.

Speaking of grass-fed livestock, the participants received their first farm order just a couple of weeks ago.  It was an exciting day for all who purchased from the farm.  They are now learning how to prepare and cook the meats.  Who would have ever thought it would need to be cooked differently?  So far the feedback from the participants has been great and the meat is delicious!

A number of employees will be participating in the 2012 Kiawah Island Marathon/Half Marathon.  Their trainer developed a 20-week running plan.  It will consist of 1 long run and 1 interval run per week for a total of only 2 training days a week!  Participants can either walk, run or jog to the finish line.  The goal…to finish!  They are not looking to reach the finish line in record time, just finish.  Employees who are not interested in running the marathon are encouraged to train with the group.  It is a great way for them to get in shape and support the marathoners.  After 20 weeks, those running the marathon and those cheering on the runners, will feel and see a difference both physically and mentally.  We will keep you updated on their exciting developments.  Maybe it’s something you would be interested in doing with them?  If so, contact mariab@quoizel.com.

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