Inspirational Lighting at the London 2012 Olympics

Olympics lighting
Olympics lighting image tweeted by reporter David Woods

Creative and innovative lighting is highlighted at the London 2012 Olympics. One sports reporter, David Woods of the Indianapolis Star, in awe, looked up from his computer to see the stunningly lit stadium and Tweeted the beautiful image above.

The stadium is not the only Olympics-related structure with innovative lighting. London Bridge is lit by a high-tech GE system “designed to enhance its architectural features and replace static lights with bulbs that can vary in intensity and colour”, GE states. The lighting system was engineered to be relatively energy-efficient. The LED floodlights employed will be reused after the games.

lighting at the Olympics
Image via GE

The Olympic torch was designed by furniture designers Barber and Osgerby, and has more than 8,000 holes.

London 2012 Olympic Torch
London 2012 Olympic Torch image via

EDF Energy has partnered with brand experience agency Ignite and MIT graduates to create the world’s first ever social-media driven, “low carbon” light show.  Called the “Energy of the Nation,” the display visualizes the UK’s mood around the Olympics using Twitter.

Tweets from the UK that reference the Olympics are analyzed for positive or negative “energy” using algorithms, taking into account emoticons, punctuation. The total ratio of positive to negative energy is expressed as a pie chart embodied in the circular shape of the London Eye: yellow lights represent positive energy, purple light negative.

Lighting is such an important part of our lives and in either the magnitude of the Olympics, a concert or at home, it does affect our mood and can either make us feel down or inspired. What kind of lighting in your home do you think would inspire you and your guests?

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