DAX Update

We Upgraded!  February of this year, we sent out an announcement to all our valued customers stating Quoizel would be implementing a new computer system to enhance operating efficiencies to enable Quoizel to better meet its customer’s needs.

We are thrilled to say that we have successfully completed Phase 1, which included deploying MicroSoft Dynamics AX 2009 to ship and invoice in a timely manner and continue to serve our customers.  Currently, Quoizel is in Phase 2 of the project which is to continue setup of the new functionality for additional system benefits and enable us to fine-tune the processes. 

An Application Support Group, (Sigma team) has been assembled.  Three valued employees Bob, Tracey & Jim have been put on temporary assignment to support, lead and prioritize issues which need to be further addressed.

We have made this investment in order to be able to better serve our customers.  We thank them for their patience and support during the initial implementation period.  Statistics report about 25% of all new software implementations fail and 60% go over budget.  We are happy to say that Quoizel is not included in those statistics due to the hard work and dedication of its employees!

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