Let the Entertaining Begin!

The holidays are here and that means hosting parties for your family and friends.  You may not have a lot of time or money for major renovations, but if you want to spruce up your home, changing your lighting is something relatively easy and will have the quickest results.

Replacing your dining or kitchen lighting fixture with one of Quoizel’s best-selling items will enrich the beauty of your table setting.  Quoizel’s Downtown Collection has a cool, sleek sophisticated design.  Gleaming glass ball accents complement the opal etched glass drum shade, and the shiny chrome finish will add a glow to your holiday decor.


Tiffany Lights ~ Light up a Little Vintage Style in Your Home

Tiffany lamps have several different benefits.  Because they are handmade stained glass art, and no two are exactly alike, they become family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. 

They also have the ability to instantly transform the decor of any room since the light that shines through the many different colors of the stained glass is diffused in all directions making tiffany lighting so timeless and versatile.

Tiffany light fixtures have been around since the late 1800s and their popularity continues to grow.  When turned on, the lamp emits a soft colored glow that adds a splash of warm color to any room.  For this reason you will find replica tiffany fixtures in establishments where the light from the tiffany makes the customer feel warm and cozy.  You can create the same atmosphere in your own home with one of Quoizel’s tiffany style fixtures.