Rick Continues his Quest!

Rick Seidman, President of Quoizel, continues his quest to kayak in all 52 states!

This time Rick takes us to Anchorage, Alaska!  Meeting with Robin Warfield, Quoizel’s newest salesperson handling the Alaska territory, and  Brown’s Electric gave Rick the opportunity to kayak against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

In order to kayak in Alaska, a lot of preparation is required.  Rick needed to purchase proper clothing and equipment to have the necessary credentials for such cold temperatures.

Rick, three other kayakers and their guide kayaked in scenic Aialik Bay.  Some of Rick’s highlights included kayaking along a pod of Orca whales and being confronted by an angry, large sea lion.  In addition, Rick and his group watched glaciers calve (large chunks of ice break away) and icebergs roll.  They had the pleasure of seeing a plentitude and diversity of wildlife which included seals, otters, eagles, moose and even bears.  What could be better than to kayak in a land of such stunning natural beauty? 

Thank you, Rick, for sharing these incredible photos and experiences with us.  We look forward to your next kayaking adventure!

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  1. Marcie DiChiara Reply

    So cool, Rick!!! If you haven’t kayaked VT yet, let me know! We have a place in Warren and have yet to try mad river!!!

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