First Annual Companywide Housecleaning Effort is Underway!

From November 14th through December 14th Quoizel’s employees have been cleaning up their respective offices and surrounding areas as well as their computer files.

This initiative not only increases productivity but it is also cost effective.  There were discontinued products and parts that moved from Hauppauge, NY to Goose Creek, SC over 16 years ago that has finally been written off!!  According to the IT Department, Quoizel is charged by the kilobyte for storage, therefore, the fewer files users keep on their computer, the more money the company will save. 

The employees had access to shredders, bins, large recycling cans and regular garbage cans to clean up their work areas.  Employees from South Carolina and New York commented that this clean-up makes it a more pleasant place to work and increases productivity!

The companywide housecleaning event has been so successful that it’s sure to be an annual event!

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