Quoizel’s Wellness Program Still Going Strong

marathon-homepageOne day at a time, one workout at a time, and one rep at a time.  Quoizel’s Wellness Program finished off 2012 on a high note.

Back in June, we posted an update on Quoizel’s Wellness Program .  It is the commitment of the participants that have kept the program going strong.

Most recently, Quoizel’s Boot Campers trained 20 weeks to participate in the 2012 Kiawach Island Marathon/Half Marathon.   Maritza, from the boot camp, ran the entire route finishing just over two hours and amazingly enough, this was her first marathon!  Susan ran the first ten miles and then walked the remaining while Anita and Maria walked the 13.1 mile course. All that set out to run or walk, accomplished their goals by crossing the finish line!  It was a great day for the participants who had their co-workers, friends and family cheering them on! 

2013 is off to an even better start!  In addition to Boot Camp, we added two new classes that have exceeded our expectations.  Our goal was to have 20% participation in our South Carolina facility.  We are extremely proud to say we have over 37% participation!  “Get Active, Have Fun”  is a low impact program tailored to strengthen muscles, improve fitness and boost overall health without harming or putting stress on the joints all while having fun. Low-impact activities are ideal for those who are just starting to workout, have joint or bone injuries and chronic conditions. “Mobility” is a 15-minute session designed to increase flexibility and improve core strength with a variety of stretching exercises. 

In February we will be rolling out our “Transition into Good Nutrition” program.  This is a program that any employee and their family will have access to via the web. Stay tuned, more information will be coming out soon.  If you would like to know more about Quoizel’s Wellness Program, you can contact mariab@quoizel.com.

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