Tips for Lighting Artwork in your Home

Using artwork in your home is a great way to introduce a personal and unique element in your interior design. Because a good piece of art is so unique to your home, you’ll want to emphasize its placement within a particular room. The best way that you can do this is by lighting up that art. Not sure how? We’ve got a few tips and ideas for you!YU8710IB

  • For work such as photography, prints, pastels and watercolors, use UV-blocking glass to frame it. This will prevent the pigments from fading over time.  Avoid using fluorescent lights, which contain UV rays.
  • Consider using incandescent bulbs if your art contains a lot of warm colors. However, if the art contains cool colors, incandescent lights will make it seem flat.
  • You can use low-wattage halogen bulbs to help draw attention to the details of the piece of art.
  • As seen in this setting shot, indirect light sources such as sconces, table lamps, floor lamps can often work better than direct lighting.
  • Consider swapping out pieces of art once in a while, as keeping one piece under light can damage it over a longer period of time.

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